Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Post 85 More pots

Three posts in three days is not a rate that I can keep up but here are the shots of the three intermediate sized pots from the last firing with the shohins.

This one is moulded from my oval Wasen design, altered to have the squared flange and without the lower rib, to give a clean curved wall profile. It is 415  x 305 x  85. The light blue glaze has darker blue highlights and breaks to a greeny beige colour.


This next one is based on my Tarraibune design, shortened in every direction to finish up at 395 x  270 x 76. The glaze is one I first tested in July last year but not used before on a pot. It works really well and I will use it again for sure. The colour would be good for any deciduous tree and also white to offwhite flowering species; perfect for a gardenia for example where the flowers start white and then age to offwhite/gold.

This last one is a commissioned repeat of a previous make; the Tenmasen in 'slate' glaze. It is Pot No 35 while I'm now into the 60s and has been waiting in bisque inventory for the right moment. This robust design/glaze combination is one that always gets attention. Dimensions are 380 x 275 x 89.
I'm very happy with the stability of this pot. Making a dimensionally sound high fired rectangular pot is probably one of the more challenging tricks in this pottery game. On this last firing I tried something new to get better temperature distribution in the kiln, which seems to have been beneficial, but that's another story for another day.

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