Sunday, 24 March 2013

Post 83 Glazed Shohins - new pots

It feels like a long time since I posted new pictures of recently glazed pots on the blog and it has been. All sorts of things have gotten in the way, starting in December with some termite remediation that seemed to go on forever and totally messed up my workshop space for the duration. Then a little trip away to absorb the colours and flavours of a different culture and here we are already, nearly at the end of March.

So it was good to fire up the kiln and get some of those little pots glazed. Here are the results. The first 6 pots range in length from 189 to 170, width 130 to 120 and height 45 to 51. The colours chosen are deliberately quite muted, pale blues, greens to offwhites with antique tinges.

 The last one this time was a smaller size about 163 x 119 x 52. The glaze for this one is a different base which is quite matte. The result has it looking like terracotta pot that has been overfired in a woodfired kiln, right on target.

There are another 4 all glazed up waiting for the next firing.
In this last firing I also had three intermediate sized ovals glazed and I'll post them soon.

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