Sunday, 27 January 2013

Post 69 Rock Pot

In late December I made a freeform mock rock pot, inspired by and loosley styled after the sort of devil's causway basaltic crystalline formations you sometime find along an ocean headland waterfront.
This picture was taken as it was finished and still quite wet. It is actually arched and designed so that when finished it only makes bench contact at the left and right hand ends.


At this stage it is supported by a arched clay wedge in the middle.

This is a photoshop compilation of a potential final composition. I'm thinking about a glaze that is basically basalt black/grey in the crevices with lighter browner tones on the projections to reflect a weathered look and a number of trees in a group windswept style. I have a couple of matte glaze recipes that will achieve that result with different depth of application. I might even wind back the silica a little further and if this makes the surface more prone weathering as a result then all the better for the appearance in this case.

The pot is now dry and in the kiln with 5 other pots for a bisque firing at some time over the next few days.
We are enjoying some nice cyclonic weather here at the moment as a tropical low tracks south bringing much needed rain after an unusual and very prolonged summer dry. A good day to be indoors mixing glazes for a stack of pots sitting there waiting to be finished.

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  1. Very adventurous, I look forward to seeing the finished product. I might just have to put an advanced order in now. - Mark


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