Monday, 1 April 2013

Post 86 New pots

In my latest firing I glazed a couple of my rectangular Sabani pots with brown toned glazes that came through my latest glaze tests. That was a firing I did in my little development kiln which works very nicely and  fitted 36 test tiles and a shohin pot.

The Sabani pots are about 360 x 250 x 78.
This first one, Pot 48 is based on a Post Tomato Red base, coloured with a mix of RIO and Yellow Ochre and has produced a nice deep and warm plum red brown. The development work was focused on developing glazes which would be suitable in colour and surface finish for conifers which are rarely seen in anything but unglazed pots made from a dark clay body. There are no commercial clay offerings here in Australia that replicate that body colour and so a glaze of the same tone meets the colour goal and at the same time provides a more durable clean surface. Glazing the feet completes the simulation.

This one, Pot 47,  is more of a bronze brown with some red highlights. It is based on my standard high calcium satin glaze but is principally a chrome brown (chrome plus zinc) with some RIO as well. It also is a good simulation of a different unglazed clay body, and also has the feet glazed.

The next two pots are a couple of Bekabunes at about  350 x 256 x 64.

The first one, Pot 46, is glazed in my Mint Green glaze and the next one ,Pot 49, in my new Buttermilk finish.

This firing also saw the last of a few prepared shonin pots.

The first ons is a hand made wire cut pot at about  190 x 145 x 55, glazed in a flat iron rich glaze. Quite a rustic finish.

 This one is a bowed wall rectangular pot about 175 x 130 x 50 in a breaking blue glaze.

And the last one is a similar pot in an offwhite/parchment glaze with heavier application around the lip.

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