'Bonsai Foundations' closely follows the curriculum of a successful Foundations Development program, an 8 lesson (x3 hours each) training program I have run for a couple of years, at my local club. It's for those new or not so new to bonsai who want to cover the basics in a more structured way than is possible to pick up at the usual club activities. 

 Front cover
"The essential knowledge to build better bonsai." This subtitle is designed to emphasize that there are processes for developing bonsai, described in the book as development paths, which can take the development process closer to one of building. The paths are logical, well described and easily accomplished. At the heart of these paths is a process of binary grow and cut, a discipline which when followed closely, allows the placement of branches where they are wanted and the development of quality ramification; simply building better bonsai.

 Back cover

   The book offers information on the aesthetic and horticultural knowledge which is essential to the cultivation and stylistic development of a bonsai. The Japanese bonsai aesthetic, as it is widely understood in the west, is analyzed and described in terms of design principles. Alternative models and approaches to a tree’s style are discussed. 

   It is packed with practical information. Step by step guides are provided for a variety of development paths, activities and techniques.
  The material covered will be useful to all bonsai practitioners, regardless of experience.
 Softcover, 144 pages, over 250 pictures and illustrations.

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  • First available in late October 2016.
  • RRP will be AUD 39.5 plus postage. Promotional discounts apply.
  • Available also as an ebook on-line.
  • Inquiries may be made to:

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