Monday, 25 March 2013

Post 84 Big pots

At the other end of the scale from those little shohin pots are these couple of biggies the result of another commission push into somewhere I hadn't been before.

It's been an engaging challenge to design and build these two. Final finished length will be over 500mm for both of them which means they start in the raw clay state at 13% longer - which is getting close to 600mm. Larger size and heavier walls means more weight and one of the biggest adjustments has been with something as simple as turning them over - which is a two person job. Turning a wet clay pot is a risk at any size but avoiding shape deforming bumps and shocks at this scale is interesting.

They are still wrapped in plastic and still drying with a long way to go before finishing.

This one is a 'bowed wall rectangle', a very attractive design for a big pot.

And this one is a classic oval, designed for a massive swampie.

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