Sunday, 18 May 2014

Post 150 Australian Native Bonsai Exhibition

The Redlands Bonsai Society have just had their mid year show of Australian native trees as bonsai. The exhibition was held at the Indigiscapes Centre in Capalaba.

There was a good variety of trees in a small showing of 35 trees. I had three trees and 6 pots in the show.

 This was the public choice winner a Clerodendrum.

 Second was this Lilly Pilly ( Eugenia smithii)

 And third another Clerodendrum.

 Moreton Bay Ficus

 Small Leafed Queensland Fig

 Baeckea virgata

 Burdekin plum
 Allocasuarina torulosa (Rose she-oak)

 Melaleuca styphelioides

 Ficus benjamina (shorty)

 Another Moreton Bay Fig

Melaleuca Linarifolia



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