Friday, 7 April 2017

Post 238 New pots

Here is the latest batch of 4 pots.
I have another 12 drying right now and these should move through the firing pipeline before mid May. Then with a healthy inventory going into the convention in May it will be time for a potting break. The last pot I made was number 300. When I started I couldn't imagine getting to 100 let alone 300. It must be nearly time to stop.

First up is Pot 285  a large Bowed Wall Rectangular pot with a squared rim, lower rib and slightly concave wall. Satin brown glaze, size 385 x 280 x 88.

Here is the same pot again. When I started making these BWR pots the walls had a greater curvature, like a section of an oval, with longer radius rounded corners. With the current group of BWRs I've flattened the bow and tightened the corners. This makes for more conventionally styled pots, albeit with a little informality from the wall shape.

Pot 286  is a little smaller and with vertically straight walls. Satin brown glaze and 350 x 285 x 80.

The same pot again.

The next one is a larger oval pot, Pot 287. This is the pot that I will be demonstrating the making of at the convention in May. It has a rounded rim and lower rib and a slightly convex wall. Size is Pot 287 370 x 285 x 80. When made in the raw clay, the made size is 425 x 320 x 92. So the length of the pot reduces about 55mm through the drying and firing. Its a big pot to make but not so big when finished.

The last one is Pot 288 at 315 x 240 x 60. It is rimless with a lower rib, in a very attractive lighter brown satin glaze.

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