Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Post 237 Growing moss - the whole farm

The pictures of growing moss were popular so I though I'd post my real moss farm.

The seed propagation trays live in a shade house with about 50% shade cloth. They are there more for convenience than anything and available bench space. The moss might be happier actually with stronger light. But it does get watered as good as every day. That is something it can't do without.
Some of the trays have old potting media, some decomposed granite, it really doesn't matter very much, after all the stuff will grow on a ceramic tile.
Note there are a number of different varieties in the trays. It's just what turns up. 
With the convention coming in May and 5 trees to go in the exhibition I'm very pleased to have this stock to call on. After the exhibition I'll just lift the moss off the pots and replace it in these trays for next time.

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