Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Post 190 Japanese Garden - Portland Oregon

Up on the hill behind Portland city is the celebrated Japanese Garden of Professor Takuma Tono. I had the pleasure of a recent business trip to the US north west and took the opportunity to visit the garden. It's on the site of a defunct city zoo and was established among the native conifers in the 1960s.

This is the front entrance gate near the carpark, a very imposing entrance. Being winter, it was chilling down in this gully and hard to imagine the light penetrating down here many times a year. A path leads from here up to the light.

 This is the main 'Guard Gate' styled after feudal castle gates. Its a very attractive building in a nice setting.

 Views of and from the moon bridge. Being well past autumn there was no colour in the garden so it was a time of year to appreciate form alone.

 This is the garden view from a seminar centre/building, a very peaceful beautiful spot.That gravel was spotless!

The other side looks out over the city to Mt Hood. A spectacular backdrop. While in the area for a weekend I also took a run towards Seattle and visited the Pacific Rim Bonsai Collection - next post.

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