Friday, 2 January 2015

Post 188 Gardenia graft separation

In July 2014 and then September 2014, I started exploring grafting Gardenia radicans grafting onto harvested stumps of a larger leafed variety.

After testing the concept and finding sucess I went ahead and made a number of approach grafts onto a couple of other stumps. This was one of them.

In this shot you can see that it has recovered from its uprooting well and is growing vigorously. The size of the leaves is readily apparent. To be able to look after it better I moved it again into an individual pot and once settled in got on with the grafts.

They were just simple approach grafts with about 4 scions from two separate plants.

The grafts were done in September 2014 and now just about 4 months later it was time to set them free and separate from the host plants.

This is straight after separation showing what has been left behind.

And then after  a little wiring and thinning. I did this a couple of weeks ago and while a couple of the grafts haven't changed the other two are looking a little weak. Some tlc might see them back into vigorous good health, fingers crossed.

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