Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Post 179 New Shohin pots

After this year's show circuit I've been enthused to compete in more classes and so am working away to rapidly develop this season a few  potential shohins that have been on the 'back bench' for a while. I also have a few older trees that I've radically shortened (and posted about) and will work these into smaller pots too. So having something to put these trees into to show has been a motivator to make some stock and build the colour palette.  I'm happy to hang on to these pots especially the semis, no S47 and S48 which are very cute. I've got a couple of little benjamina 'shortys' looking very prospective for these.

The other motivator is a booking I have in a couple of weeks with one of our local Bonsai groups to do a pottery demonstration. I think a lot of people were very interested in and enjoyed the demo done by our Chinese pottery master friend at the Gold Coast conference. This will be an opportunity for a few more people to get a view of the process, albeit a little different, up quite 'close and personal'.

I've had a little warning of the slot and so the pots from this firing  will be useful to show first hand what the opportunities are and also to have something to sell if anyoine is inclined.

There were 16 pots in the last glaze firing - the 11 Shohins shown here as well as 5 mid sized oval and bowed wall rectangular pots. I posted a shot of the pots fresh from the bisque firing recently. The Shohins can be packed in and with the others being mid sized it was a productive glaze firing.

I was also keen to try out some of my 'new browns' from my recent Glaze trial 9. A number of them are here in this group along with a couple of new blues, also from that trial.

S41   Oval with square rim and lower rib    193 x 142 x 44

S42  Rounded rectangular with rounded rim and lower rib   175 x 130 x 52

S43  Oval with rounded rim and lower rib   175 x 130 x 52180 x 134 x 52

S44  Rectangular  165 x 115 x 50

S45  Oval  166 x 122 x 44

S46  Oval  175 x 132 x 55

S47  Square semi cascade   117 x 117 x 70

S48  Square semi cascade   117 x 117 x 70

Here's that little benjamina photoshopped into the pot. With the coming season's growth ahead I think a nice match.

 S49  Oval with textured walls   160 x 120 x 44
S50  Oval  178 x 127 x 46
S51 Rectangular    165 x 120 x 50

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