Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Post 173 Bandicoots and cockies

Bandicoots are famous or is that infamous for fereting around in people's lawns in springtime looking for something good to eat. I'm not sure that's the right word for it actually because they can be very active aerators. People say we are soooooooo lucky to have bandicoots but I'm not sure I share the sentiment.

The one in this area is probably the Northern Brown Bandicoot, sooo cute says my wife!

They've been visiting my place lately and have taken a shine to a particular patch of grass.

  This was the result of one night's hunt. Each hole can be up to 60mm across and anything up to 100mm deep. They've got little pointed noses and the holes they dig look  like they're just right to get those noses down there.

 I can only guess that they are going after beetle larvae that would hatch out later in summer. The little 'coots are nocturnal and elusive and I haven't seen one yet. Apparently they have a body length of about 400mm and tail about 170mm; about the shape of a big rat and the size of a small fox terrier. As long as they aerate the lawn that's fine. If they find the vegee patch the friendship might not last.

The other visitors who are on a good behaviour bond at the moment are a few sulphur crested cockatoos - cockies as they are known almost universally. These ones have found our feeder and we can hear them from the house, cracking the grain. I let them stay just a short time before 'moving them on'; can't have them enjoying it so much they bring their friends. These are big birds ( up to 500mm long) and they can be quite destructive to man made things, including buildings. They generally move around in quite large flocks. These ones seemed quite tame and one even said 'hello cockie' to me so they are well habituated to people. My reply, in the nicest possible way, 'yes hello to you too, now on your way'.

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