Thursday, 3 October 2013

Post 124 New pots

Here are my 5 pots from the last firing.
The big experiment of new shapes, new clay and new technique all come off very well and produced a satisfying result.

The first one is Pot 87, the last of the RGH clay pots. It's a bowed wall rectangular pot with final dimensions of 340 x 248 x 69; a very handy sized pot. Its finished with my butternut beige glaze layered more heavily towards the rim to get the darker tone lower down.

The other pots are all made with the YG clay which has produced a very nice sandstone toned finish in the unglazed clay. This one is Pot 88 an oval pot at 407 x 317 x 74, also in the butternut glaze.

Pot 91  is a smaller oval at 334 x 253 x 61 glazed in my antique parchment glaze.

The last two are very similar, both bowed wall rectangular pots. One was commissioned and I liked the idea, so made one for me too. The first is Pot 89 at 375 x 296 x 86 in a nice deep blue glaze. The next is Pot 92 at 384 x 294 x 88.

While these YG pots worked their way through drying and firing I've only made a couple of others which are still drying, not wanting to go full steam down a blind alley. The performance and colour of the YG clay has given me the confidence now to embrace it and get back into the groove.

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