Thursday, 25 July 2013

Post 111 Tanuki No 4

After seeing all the Junipers in the deserts and mountains of the SW USA I have been inspired to make Tanuki no 4. I was particularly taken with the growth habit where the trunk and or branches have a ribbon like or ovoid cross-section, often with the live vein growing along the edge. So that was the inspiration for this tanuki. I also tried to bring in a feature of the trunk splitting at the base. It is in offwhite stoneware and fully fired, finishing up at about 330mm high.

This is what I think will be the front. Even though the apex bends to the rear it will be the live tree that comes through that final loop towards the front.

Left hand side.


Right hand side

I have some air layers underway on a Sargent Juniper which will be ideal for installation on the tanuki. The branches I'm layering are long and straight, long enough for the bends and twists to get to the top and flexible enough too; just perfect. I hope by late summer to be able to get on with getting them together.

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