Monday, 15 July 2013

Post 108 Three more new rustic Shohins

In the recent firing I also had another three rustic Shohins. I'm working on getting a few more of these in stock to take to a club visit I have scheduled for August. There seems to be more spontaneous purchase interest in smaller rather than larger pots. If people are interested better to have something for them which is not a big decision.

They are all around 190 to 195mm long and 45 to 50mm high. The first one is in a Custer potash / nickel breaking cream and the other two in the same glaze I used on the big moon/rock pot, using my standard base. The latter two have been textured with a piece of an old bandsaw blade - leaves a nice line either up and down or on the angle.

They would all go well with Aussie natives that have a light coloured trunk.

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