Thursday, 16 May 2013

Post 97 Canberra Arboretum sales

Over the last couple of days I've had a very enjoyable drive down to Canberra for the AABC Annual Conference. After dropping off some pots along the way my first stop here was the Arboretum and the National Bonsai and Penjing Collection.

The new 'Village' building is a very impressive architectural statement with soaring laminated timber trusses and beams.


And the arrangement of the space for the bonsai collection is really well designed to create a great environment for them to grow and be seen. The collection of both exotic as well as Australian indigenous species has some marvellous specimens. I really liked the banksias and will go back over then next few days to be there when the light is in the right direction.

The main purpose in going to the Arboretum today was to establish their representation to carry my pots in the gift shop over the duration of the conference. In the last couple of hours of the day we worked to get a display set up and here is a shot of the pots with the inimitable and soon to be former collection Curator Grant Bowie.

If you are coming to the conference or Arboretum call in and have a look. There are nearly 30 pots which show a fair representation of sizes and styles.


  1. This is a really great idea! I hope there will be some left by the time I get there on Saturday afternoon.

  2. we were lucky enough to pick some up - beautifully made, high quality

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  4. Thank you Marlene for your kind words.
    The Arboretum also purchased one of my pots - a Wasen pot, no. 37 for a beautilful azalea in the collection. I am honoured to be represented in such company.

  5. I ended up buying one on the Saturday arvo, I think the shop assistant thought I was a bit strange as I stood and checked out the display for about 10 minutes before deciding what pot I wanted. Knowing I have a collection worthy pot has just made my day!

  6. Thank you Mitchos for the compliment and the support. The Arboretum bought one too, for the collection and so hopefully you should be able to see it on display soon.


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