Thursday, 9 May 2013

Post 95 And yes there are more

Ok so here is the batch from the last firing. There are still more from last week, featuring some pots over 500mm, that I'll post soon.

The first one is Pot 65 another 'Tenmasen' rectangular pot. This one with a beige breaking red glaze. This is almost the latest pot I've made and the pot engineering is very pleasing.

Pot 59 is a custom build oval about 353 x 261 x 68 close in shape to my 'Wasen' pots but with straighter walls and smaller overall. Makes for an attractive pot. Mint green glaze and again in great shape.

Pot 56 is a 'Wasen' oval at 409 x 303 x 85 in a fairly uniform buttermilk glaze.

And the last one, Pot 52, has virtually broken the mould. Its an oval, at 345 x 260 x 62, with a stratified highly textured surface designed to look like some sort of extruded eroded rocky material, with the glaze breaking red brown on the highlights. Here's the detail - one you'll love or hate for sure.

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