Saturday, 29 July 2017

Post 243 Air layering of a Coastal Tea Tree

I've been working on air layering off the top of this Coastal Tea Tree for many months. I probably made a start on the actual layer too late in the summer and as it is nearly spring again I though I'd have a look and see what was happening. A scratch of the surface showed some fine roots.

I used a pot fitted around the branch to hold potting media. I like this approach as it allows regular watering and monitoring. As soon as I removed the pot there was a good show of roots, all around the pot.
This looked good but past experience warned to check the cut site before separating the layer.

Investigation revealed a single root had grown from a position about 60mm above the layer ring and all the roots in the pot has come from this point. It produced quite a mass of fine roots and was obviously doing well. I am keen to have a good annular distribution of many roots from around the layer ring cut, not just the one spot. So the only thing to do was to cut off the root and go again.

Here is the layer cut site cleaned up again. I thought the tree might have bridged the gap but that wasn't the case. I made a series of vertical cuts through the callus to initiate a further sealing response and hopefully roots.

All boxed up again and ready for the coming warmer weather. I've been working on the future tree and it is looking really good. A very naturally styled small tree. Give it a couple of months and fingers crossed it will get there this time.

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