Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Post 220 Proof copy print

   After what has been months of work I finally uploaded my book for a proof copy print run of one. It is always the way for the first time at anything of course, but if only I knew then what I knew now; as we all say. Apart from the writing the whole process of self published typesetting has proven to be quite a task. I guess this all depends on the software you might use but each variation will have its own quirks.
   A couple of bonsai friends and my wife have also proof read for me. The result of that was another three runs through it word by word making changes and basically fixing things. It has made for a much better read, thanks. 

   I've rejigged the covers. Everyone says 'Ahh but you have to put a picture of a bonsai on the cover', and it's true that every bonsai book you've ever seen does just that. Getting the structure of a bonsai right, is important to carry the illusion of age and miniaturisation. So having a more structural picture on the cover sets the scene, I think. In the book I have encouraged a little pushing of the aesthetic and styling boundaries, so I might as well do the same with the cover design. Besides it does have a bonsai on the cover.

  First volume print run likely in October. Distribution by hard copy I'll do direct and find a channel for ebook sales on line.

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