Sunday, 8 March 2015

Post 198 Ficus Hairpin Insertion Graft Update

Thank you for your interest in the ongoing progression of the work done on this tree.

To get started this is what it looked like back in November 2013 in Post 132.
The work was motivated buy the 'gaps' in the middle section of the tree. These could have been disguised by branch placement but it would always have been a coverup of a flaw that needed to be fixed.

Today's post offers a current picture of the tree.

At this point, now 17 months after starting the grafted branches are making a great contribution to the overall composition and canopy. Further rounding out of the canopy and I will be very happy with the tree.
There were other updates that you might like to have a look at from March 2014 and July 2014.


  1. Those grafts look like they've really improved this tree steve!its filled out nicely and that canopy shape is well established now .I love how clean and lacking in cut wounds that trunk looks and now that foliage has been brought back closer to the trunk and filled out its got a great you think you'll be doing any work to bring out the nebari?there doesn't look like there's much there,or is it yet to be uncovered below soil level?

  2. Thanks. Yes I think on the next repot in August I start to lift it up to reveal some of the surface roots. I've always removed any aerial roots that keep emerging and so have a clean trunk and I think heavier trunk for it.


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