Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Post 193 New pots in the making

The blog has been a little more weighted to bonsai than pots lately but I am still turning out a few. The kiln is in a bisque firing today with a batch of pots underway. My recent commission work has been mostly larger than smaller pots and there are a couple of those, to finish at 460 to 480mm, in the oven today.

This pot, just made in this shot, is one of two commission pots of the same shape and size. They are probably the largest I've made and largest I would want to. Made green to a length of 660mm and 100mm high with 10mm thick walls and base, makes flipping them an interesting game. I need to go back to the gym and lift some weights. I'm relying on the 5% shrinkage to bone dry to get them into the kiln and then eventually down to something like 575mm when glaze fired.
This pot is now drying and it will be a few weeks before its ready to fire for the first time.

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