Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Post 145 Display Tables

Yes I know the pottery has taken a bit of a back seat lately with one thing and another. One of those things is a little carpentry but most certainly bonsai carpentry.

I got a bee in my bonnet a while ago about display height at exhibitions, The tables at most venues are the stock standard 'sit down and eat at' type and only about 700mm to 750mm high; not nearly the right height to view bonsai, especially the smaller ones.
Back in January I spent a little time researching exhibitions around the world and posted on the results. Have a look here.
The optimal height looks to be around 1100 for best viewing of most trees.

To cut a long story short I committed to making some display tables to get my trees up a bit next time I have the opportunity to display at a show. The next chance looks like being in May so it was time to turn ideas into action.

As you can see my pottery workshop has reverted to carpentry with the slab roller now a very useful bench. Any wonder I can never find my pencil.
I'm making three tables, all 350mm high and with different top sizes.

 Here are the first two, to a similar design, relatively easy to execute with mostly right angles. The third one, larger again, is still in construction. It will have slightly tapered and splayed legs; just a little more complex in the build.

I'm using stock standard pine so they'll be a little prone to bumps but it's easy to work with and comes in a variety of sizes that means there is less preparation to be done. I'll put the wear and tear down as patina. When all done I'll stain and varnish with a mahagony colouring. I've been at these for a few days now - man it takes some time, and I'd say at least another full one left to finish up, including three coats of paint.
More pots soon!

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