Saturday, 3 August 2013

Post 113 A few new pots

Just a few new pots from my last firing.

First up just a couple of quickly made kiln-filler shohins, one in blue and the other a light brown, both new colours not used before. The layering of the blue worked well.

This one, Pot 72 is a 305 x 225 x 70 compound oval, or bowed wall rectangle. The glaze is another new one; a brown with redish flecks. Making strictly straight sided rectangular pots and keeping the sides straight through the process is very challenging and only takes a small movement to destroy the whole effect, not to mention the effort taken to make them. The elliptical bows of the sides of this design however, soften the harshness of the strict rectangle but at the same time practically, offer a little more internal capacity than an oval pot of the same dimensions. Having made a few to this shape now, I've almost made the separation from the straight sided rectangle and can't see myself going back. The feet of the compound oval can be flush with the wall or offset to soften the profile; a very adaptable and practical design. I have a couple of larger ones just bisqued and now ready for glazing, soon.

This last one, Pot 79, was a bit tongue in cheek, a bit of a rash experiment. It's a rustic, sloping topped, circular, conical sectioned, semi cascade pot about 280mm diameter at the top and about 180mm high. Definitely another love it or hate it pot.

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