Thursday, 16 June 2016

Post 215 New pots for June 2016

I just completed a batch of new commission pots. Here are the first three:

Pot No 257 at 470 x 363 x 90 is a big oval with quite sloping sides and a square rim. The glaze is one I've used many times; good old 7-27. It has a nice weathered bronze coloration with some variation with application depth. Glazing the feet completes the simulation of a weathered unglazed pot.

 Pot 258 at 430 x 323 x 82 is an oval with rounded rim and lower bead. The pot has nice lines with that convex wall. Greenish glaze has come out with blue tones in this shot.

 Pot 259 is a round  semi cascade pot at 309 diameter and 118 high. The proportions worked very nicely with this one to make an attractive pot. The concave walls sweep up to incorporate the rim which is offset by the lower bead, slightly elevated from the base. The feet cant ever so slightly outwards. It is surprising how these small changes have a big impact on look and feel.

Another more elevated view. The red brown glaze has just a little sheen again to simulate the waxed unglazed look.

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