Thursday, 14 April 2016

Post 214 New pots

Ok, well I'm catching up and have another post today, having taken a few more pictures. As I said in my last post in this firing group there are a few pots which have been inspired by the rugged sophistication of paleolithic pots. For most of the people of the time most of what they have left behind are their flint tools and pots. As challenging as life at the time must have been just to survive they found time for decoration of their utilitarian pots. Inscribed lines and patterns often filled with a clay of a different colour, exercising creativity without concern for precision; truly wonderful objects. So I have made a few of my own, to follow:

First up is Pot 236, an oval at 215 x 170 x 50 with a 'beaten' wall surface reminiscent of beaten copper ware, in a lightly applied matte blue glaze.

Next is Pot at 244 at  250 x 195 x 50. A nice little formal oval with rounded flange and mid brown satin glaze.

 This is Pot 249 an oval at 210 x 170 x 50. The wall is fluted and the pot rimless in my beige breaking rust glaze.
 Pot 249

Pot 251 at 215 x 165 x 50 is an unglazed oval with three rings of oblique slip filled engraved lines.  The body of the pot is my standard stoneware which fires to a biscuit colour in the electric kiln and the slip fill is an off-white stoneware.

 Pot 251 detail

Pot 252 is the slightly larger oval with straight sides at 240 x 185 x 50, unglazed. The walls have vertical engraved slip filled lines.

 Pot 252 detail

  Pot 253 at 215 x 165 x 50 is an unglazed oval pot with convex walls, inward curved at the top and vertical slip filled engraved lines.

 Pot 253 detail
 Pot 254 is an oval with three rows of impressed marks then glazed in a brown glaze. Size is 250 x 190 x 50

 Pot 254 detail

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