Thursday, 27 November 2014

Post 184 Pot 102 Revisited

In January this year I posted a story about some new pots made at the time. Pot 102 was one of those; a largish compound pot with an overlay glazing. In Post 140 I described the glazing process and result and suggested that this one would be a keeper. We that has been true for some time and I've quite enjoyed being a collector and seeing it on my shelves, happy for it to be there observed by not employed, a reminder of if not inspiration for what might be possible.
It is a pot that needed the right tree and I didn't nave one that made the match.

A friend wanted a pot for a group of three ficus, Queensland small leaf figs and so brought the tree over for a consult and design review. The first thought was a long low oval. The group was growing in a rectangular pot and the trees have lots of aerials taking up a lot of the surface area - a large and rectangular 'footprint'. That rectangular shape at ground level made any thought of oval impractical as the pot would have to be too large to accommodate the rectangular footprint.

This is exactly the circumstance that I have designed my compound shaped pots for as well as the bowed wall rectangular pots. Both just soften and lighten up the composition a little and work well with a tree with a large footprint.
With the movement of the trees to the right the best position for the group in a pot was to the left of centre. I'd done a couple of photoshop constructs to help make a decision on the size of a new commissioned pot and in discussing the shape suggested we lift it out and sit in in Pot 102 for size and shape evaluation.

Well as soon as it went in there we both kind of knew it wasn't coming out. Size and colour and texture all worked well with the trees.
So it's not a keeper any more or at least not for me. It has a better home now in the hands of a dedicated young guy with a long bonsai future ahead of him and matched with a group of trees that over time will develop into an even more impressive display than they do now.

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