Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Post 183 Tanuki No 4 update

In June ( Post 155 ) I posted an update on this tanuki which I got started in October 2013 ( Post 126 ).

In spring I repotted the tree in a bonsai pot with plenty of room. Summer is with us now and the tree has a head of steam up and growing vigorously. It is time to give it a first shaping and little trim, especially to keep the top under control. Here are front and back pictures before the trim, or actually just after I started and thought about taking some shots.

As you can see I had left a number of branches on the tree simply to thicken up the trunk and ensure it was secure within the channel in the ceramic tanuki. I've taken a couple of these off this time and left one or two on that are still likely to come off later.

The trim will no doubt encourage some back budding and multiple leaders to emerge. The plan is to grow it on, get some extension in a couple of the lower branches and fill out the profile more. Then in spring next year put it in a more appropriate pot and it should be ready for display.

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