Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Post 151 Kiln firing - new pots

It seems like along time since I posted any new pots on the blog. Ok well it is a long time; things have just got in the way.
But I have been working away in the background making pots and then all it takes is a couple of commissions to give me the incentive to fire up the blast furnace, as a friend calls it.

So this is the result of the latest, just finished bisque firing; 13 pots and 4 tanuki. The pots range from 500mm long ovals down to shohin. You'll see on the table there are a couple of round pots as well as sharp cornered rectangular pot.
I've also this time ventured out and made a hexagonal cascade/semi cascade pot. This was inspired by an old chinese one I saw in Japan. That one had a relief design on it of flying swans; no doubt some form of divine significance. I still have ambitions to replicate the design including the relief but that will take a little more preparation. I'm thinking of glazing this one in a glaze called Sankey's Red, or perhaps just a good heavy red brown; hmmmmmm.

Ah yes more tanuki. I really will have to stop making them; soon. The larger one has two cavities for trees/veins around a hollow trunk and the three smaller ones are for shohin and mame bonsai.

There are a couple of glaze firings in this lot as there's no close stacking in a glaze firing. So I will have to get busy. The other really good news is that in all the pieces there is not one crack. The change in clay body was the best thing I did.

An just to finish up our Golden Penda flowers in Autumn. All around town they are looking great and providing a great meal for the birds and flying foxes. We have the rainbow lorikeets in our garden pretty much every day, all year 'round. A little wild bird seed and water makes them our best friends. But they still prefer wild food if they can get it and the Penda is a firm favourite for nectar.

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