Thursday, 9 August 2018

Post 251 Spring pruning

Its only early August here but the plants know spring is very near and so it's time for a little spring prep. That includes a little top pruning and then the root pruning to give them the space to grow in the new season. Here's an example of a small Buxus harlandii going through the process.

Growing healthy bonsai is really all about growing healthy roots. You can see the amount of root congestion  in the pots of these trees after one season. Nice healthy root growth but by now way too congested to be able to keep the water up to them in the coming summer. Root pruning is important for both development and survival.

And them a similar process for a small Lilly Pilly.

Some people wonder just how the trees survive this treatment but the reality is that they thrive on it. They don't need all those roots to get the water they need and without the root pressure they will have a reservoir of moisture around their roots to get through the warmer days.

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