Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Post 240 More new pots for the convention

This is my last batch of new pots before heading to the Brisbane Convention in a couple of weeks. I should have a stock of about 45 pots to show and sell.

First up is Pot 289 a largish bowed wall rectangular pot with slightly convex walls. It is in a darker brown satin glaze and is 385 x 280 x 88.

Next is Pot No 290, a ever so slightly bowed wall rectangular pot with straight walls. Just enough bow to soften the form and support the tightly rounded corners. A nice light brown satin glaze; size 350 x 275 x 75.

Pot No 291 is a small rimless oval pot with a dark speckled glaze, actually beige breaking red brown. Size is 215 x 162 x 46 The glaze finish here is achieved by using a paint roller to apply the glaze.

Pot No 292 is another small rimless oval which is 240 x 185 x 50. The glaze is my new but old antique bronze.

Pot No 293 is another rimless oval at 260 x 185 x 55. It is glazed in a favourite beige breaking glaze also applied with the paint roller.

Pot No 294 is a long low rimless oval glazed in a surprise glaze. Testing showed a homogeneous brown but this time it emerged with a few depth colour changes and the iron oxide colourant showed with a slight olive tone. Size 370 x 285 x 52

Pot No 295 is a small square rimmed oval at 260 x 200 x 52, glazed in an inky dark satin blue glaze.
Pot No 296 is a small rimless oval but this one has convex walls. It is 265 x 185 x 60 and is glazed in a slightly mobile beige toned glaze.

Pot No 297 is a rimless oval with lower bead. Glazed in another dark variant, this one with inky olive tones on the surface giving it quite a metallic look. Nicely proportioned at 320 x 230 x 64.

Pot No 300 is a round semi cascade with diameter 185 by 126 high.

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