Sunday, 12 March 2017

Post 234 New pots

Another post of recently fired pots;

Pot No 277 is a small oval in satin brown glaze. Size 275 x 215 x 58.

Pot No 278 is a semi cascade pot with a diameter of 125 and height of 185. The glaze is an attractive lighter brown with finely detailed speckling which breaks up the colour.

Pot No 279, an oval 273 x 195 x 65 has convex fluted walls and is glazed in a 'cast iron' coloured glaze. Its a good simulation in both colour and and surface finish. This is a glaze I found and re-formulated years ago but have never used on a pot - but will again.

This is a detailed shot of Pot 279

Pot No 280 is another oval in a newer style, brown glaze, 330 x 245 x 62.

Pot No 281 is another new oval model with the glaze referenced in the last post A nice pot. 319 x 246 x 62

Pot No 282 is a bowed wall rectangular pot, 357 x 245 x 80, with just the slightest of bow, and rounded corners. This is another new model which when executed with slightly heavier slabs holds its position nicely. With this model I'm getting back to a style of pot which was one of the first I made when I started with plaster press moulds.

This is a front view of the same pot.

Pot No 283 is another in the style of Pot 281. This one executed in the same glaze as the semi cascade. 325 x 242 x 63

Pot No 284 is a nice little convex walled oval in a breaking beige glaze. 267 x 190 x 60

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