Monday, 9 February 2015

Post 192 Swamp cypress branch insertion graft - progress

This swampy has a couple of hairpin grafts in progress. The upper one in the picture has been there I think since earlier this growing season - perhaps October or November. I can't find a photo to record setting it in place.
I did a post in January on Swampy insertion grafting but I don't think this one was in the photos on that post.

Right now this one is at an interesting stage. As you can see the upper bend (outbound) of the hairpin is heavier than the lower one (inbound) suggesting that it has taken and is now drawing its needs from the tree rather than its original rootstock. The other good indicator of viable incorporation is the swelling at the junction. This is one of the features of this type of grafting that I like. Not only can get good natural branch orientation but also this swelling at the base of the scion enhances the natural appearance. 

The other, lower graft was set later and has not yet reached the same point but has progressed well and will succeed. For the upper one, just to be sure I'll probably leave it run for another month before separating.

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