Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Post 164 Bonsai Table construction #4

    The first job for today is to make up and fit the little spacer between the undercarriage and the top. The second job is I really do need to work on those feet.

I made the little spacer out of a piece of timber routed into an L shape to fit on the inside of the rails. Here it is fitted up.

 The second picture is from the inside.

And then I got on with job two, the feet. I ended cutting off about 6mm from the inner faces and 3 or 4 from the outer curved surface. They've gone from plodding army boots to dancing shoes and lightened and energised the whole table. This sort of work is just the same as shaping trees or pots for that matter. You have to stop and look and assess form and proportion all the time and then work out which element you change and which you keep. Even small things can have a big visual impact that would be hard to put your finger on. Contrast this with the first shot on this post above.

I only have to fix the top in place now and it's done. Sand and finish here we come.

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