Friday, 13 December 2013

Post 134 New sweet little Shohin pot

I was with a friend at the Gold Coast and Tweed Bonsai Exhibition some weeks ago. The sales areas at these shows are always pretty magnetic and his keen eye spotted a small nicely formed melaleuca. The downside was that it was in a cheap and chunky pot in a dark black/blue high gloss glaze. I just had to walk away.
But before I did I spotted a saotome in a beautiful little unglazed Tokonome pot. That's the pot you need for the melaleuca I said, buy that one too, just for the pot. Oh no he said why don't you just make me one like it.

 Here they both are; you see what I mean.
So shameless thought it may be to copy a design, it is flattery. But none the less that's what I did and here it is.
The pot is bowed wall rectangular in shape and with an internal rim and lower beading at about 170 x 125 x 45 mm. Fiddly little thing to make but a very pleasing result.
The glaze is one I've used before and have continued to refine. The idea is to simulate a polished unglazed surface in colour and texture but with all the benefits of a glazed surface. This time around I wound back the silica another 10% to guarantee a closer to matte finish.

 From direct in front.

 Three quarters frontal.

 Again but a little higher to show the shape.

 The three quarters end view.

 In this well illuminated close-up you get a really good representation of the surface. The glaze has a nice bit of differentiation in the colour. As you see I have glazed the feet as well to complete the simulation.
And finally just a detail view to show the internal rim structure.

A whole post to a little shohin; it should be honoured, but a sweet little pot and thankyou Tokonome for a nice design.

Here's another picture of the same tree/pot next to one of the nicest trees in the show which was the 'bait' tree for this particular sales table; a beautifu Retusa

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