Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Post 114 Another firing

In the last post I showed Pot 72, which is the first of a shape which I think of as a compound oval. The front and back walls follow the line of an oval shape, as do the two ends, and where they come together they are joined by a long radius curve. So they are a long way from rectangular, more oval with cropped ends. In my latest firing I finished two more.

The first one, Pot 75,  is pretty big at 500 x 375 x 92. In the second picture you can better see the shape. I've glazed it in a very nice green glaze that I have used before and will again. The pot is intended for an Australian native evergreen or ficus.
I'm very happy with this shape and certainly with the glaze finish on this pot.

The clay body is the new Clayworks RGH which has more iron oxide than the old RGH and as such finishes up with a darker slightly red tone compared to the old buff colour. I think I prefer the old colour.

The next one, Pot 73, is of the same shape but a little smaller and deeper at 460 x 338 x 100.

On this one I've glazed the feet as well, using one of my 'unglazed simulator' browns and am very happy with the way is has finished up with a few patina colours washing over the surface too. This was a first time for this glaze on a finished pot but also will not be the last. The size is also very useful and I'll be making more these.

This little oval, Pot 82, is in a nickel zinc cream glaze which you will have seen before. The colour will go well with a wide range of deciduous and evergreen trees. This pot is about 295 x 212 x 60.

And finally a shohin, S29, in the same glaze as the big compound oval.

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