Saturday, 13 July 2013

Post 107 Big Moon Rock pot

I'm not a big fan of 'moon' rocks as you can probably tell from my normal pot styling. But then sometimes you just have to yield to persuasive efforts and give it your best shot.

This type of pot demands a certain type of tree. It has been made for a left leaning juniper that has all the appearance of having grown out of a sloping rock wall on the side of a canyon somewhere. If we can get some front to back and left to right slope in the potting medium, some moss and a few loose rocks, that will go along way to pulling off the simulation.

And so Pot No 68 was hatched. I built  it up with multiple layers of overlapping sheets of clay, upside down on a ball shaped form and then when it was dry enough to invert, pushed it around a bit and applied a little texture.

The pot is about 300mm at the highest point, 420mm long and 290 wide, just a strange shaped oval really, sitting on 4 feet and glazed. Here are some pictures from all sides and a detail to show the texture. I was concerned the glaze would fill up the fine textural detail but a light coat hasn't done that while contributing to a level of colour differentiation. The glaze should help keep it clean out in the elements where all those nooks and crannies will be nice homes for stuff to grow.

I'm happy with the execution but still not sure I'm ready to sign up to the movement and put one of my trees in one!


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