Sunday, 30 June 2013

Post 103 More pots

Ok the last couple of pots from the last firing.

This one is a sweet little oval about 262mm x 208mm x 57mm, Pot 67. It is glazed in a red/brown I've used before and will again without doubt.  This pot has been ordered for a juniper.

The next one, Pot 69, is just a little larger at 285mm x 217mm x 58mm, glazed in a deep blue and set to house a nice Chinese Elm; should go well.

And then finally a tanuki that I made and posted some time ago has finally made it into the kiln and been fired to maturity, finishing up at about 300mm high. Having been persuaded to part with it I had to make sure it found a place at last.

The new owner has discussed mating it up with a Pyracantha, and I look forward to seeing how that goes. A decent rate of growth should see it bond and reach a level of maturity reasonably quickly.

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