Saturday, 4 May 2013

Post 92 Old Chinese Pots

San Francisco has a fantastic Asian Art Museum. It seems like it was started almost just to hold Avery Brundage's collection. Mr Brundage is best know for his presidency of the IOC for 20 years from '52 to 72 but he made his money in reale state and construction and through the turmoil of the 30s and 40s managed to get captivated by asian art and then of course strike a good deal with all sorts of folks who needed to sell. So the museum now has some 7000 items endowed by him.

These are just a few ceramic pots that caught my attention and I thought they make an interesting counter point to the Anastasi pots of similar age.

This first one is called a 'flower pot ' and comes from the Northern Song dynasty (960 to 1127), glazed stoneware. Looking like it was made yesterday, it would pass as a great cascade or semi cascade bonsi pot.

And then another from the same location and time around 1100, also another great bonsai pot. Who would think these things are 900 years old!! Where have they been?

This one is quite young by comaprison, being a porcelain Ming pot (1552-1566). It has a classic shape that has been used for bowls from when they were first made. Superb execution and glaze application, a true masterpiece.

This one is of a style you see regularly used by potters today, with an incised floral design and 'celadon' style of clear glaze. From the year 1000 to 1100.

And finally another porcelain, this one with underglaze painted decoration of timeless design. Also from the early Ming, 1368 to 1398. 

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